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Chatham Manufacturing Company, or "The Mill" as it was affectionally known, was established in 1877 in Elkin, NC by Alexander Chatham. Alexander Chatham was born and raised in Wilkesboro, NC. He became partner in Elkin Manufacturing Company in 18, before quickly buying out his brother-in-law and chaing the name to Chatham. 


The Chatham Blanketeer was a newsletter that came out of the print shop at the Chatham Manufacturing Co. in Elkin, NC. The first issue was released in 1933. News varied from everything to birth and marriage announcements to a visual parade of employee's new homes. 


Chatham sponsored employee sports teams, call the Chatham Blanketeers, during their many years of operation. Opposing teams included... In fact, The Blanketeers even battled it out against UNC-Chapel Hill's Tar Heels in 19. 

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